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Cultivating Connections offers a scope of services providing individual support and community education. Get in touch with me below to book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Feeling lost as you navigate a loss, uncertainty, or change? Engaging in therapy can be a helpful tool for us to learn new ways of thinking, being, and coping as we move through life's challenges. Therapy is a confidential space, honouring you, your story, and your needs. Services available on a sliding fee scale to reduce financial barriers to accessing mental health support.

My experience in a variety of mental health settings has lead to the creation of mental health resources, infographics, as well as blog posts or articles. Looking for grief specific resources for your organization? Let's get in touch.

Content Creation

Consultation and Program Development

With over 10 years of experience facilitating and developing group grief support programming, I am well versed in creating facilitation manuals for group facilitators as well as accompanying resources for attendees. I can help your organization create specialized group support programs for those grieving any type of loss.

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